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Euro Guardeuro-guard | 08 April 2022

Hmmm, Roofing Sheet Rainwater Gutter? Does It Work?

Monsoon is around the corner. There’s both excitement and apprehension in the air. From the joy of breathing in the petrichor to watching it slowly pour down, the monsoon is a treat to the senses. But it won’t be if you are spending it worrying about moisture, leakage and a stagnant terrace. So, while the sun is still shining, and the clouds are still hiding, tend to your house. 

Check all the drains for leakages, pay a visit to your terrace and see if it is in need of your attention. Existing leakages can worsen over the monsoon. Leakages generally occur as a result of water stagnating on the terrace for a prolonged period. It can cause several damages to the insides and outsides of the house, repairing which can be expensive. If the water remains stagnant, the moisture would seep into the house and decay the furniture, cupboards and even doors. 

The ideal way to prevent this is by using a proper rainwater gutter which will channel the water down to the ground. Euro Guard rainwater gutters are leak-proof and have high water flowing capacity. Installing a rainwater gutter is in other words an investment your house would thank you for.


Most houses these days have roofing sheets or shingles. Changing age, changing trends. But rain, alas, is still the same! What if the rainwater causes your shingles to fade? Or do the tiles rot? That’s not a pleasant sight, and we all agree. So, how do we prevent this? Trust the science and magic of rainwater gutters!

Rainwater gutters make use of PVC pipes to create a way for rainwater to flow. Instead of remaining stagnant on the terrace, it is forced down to the ground where it can be collected and stored for future purposes.

Rainwater gutters not only prevent leakage and dampness but also help in rainwater harvesting as this water can be later used for purposes such as gardening, washing, cooking and irrigation.

Rainwater gutters have high water flow capacity and it will help prevent the disintegration and moulding of shingles, fascia, tiles etc. 

What Should I Know Before Installing a Roofing Sheet Rainwater Gutter?

Before you step out to purchase a roofing sheet rainwater gutter, there are a few things you should know. Believe it or not, this is going to be helpful! 

No matter what kind of roofing you have, there is a rainwater gutter for it! Rainwater gutters go perfectly with roofing sheets, shingles, and tiles. 

  1. Buy rainwater gutters that are easy to install without having to make any major changes to the existing infrastructure 
  2. You should clean and maintain the rainwater gutters occasionally to prevent leaves and dirt from accumulating. Using a leaf guard will help minimize this risk. Clean the gutter once or twice a year. 
  3. Buy gutters that have the highest water carrying capacity and are dense enough to not flip in heavy rain. 
  4. A rainwater gutter that blends with the design of your house and gives it an aesthetic appeal is always a plus! 

Thinking Where to Buy One? Well, Here!

Euro Guard offers the industry’s leading rainwater harvesting uPVC pipe solution. EURO GUARD HYSQUARE uPVC rainwater gutter features the latest cutting-edge functionality and can keep your modern home safe and clean. With at least 25 years of life and the

strength to prevent the pipe from flipping in heavy rain, the Euro Guard rainwater gutter is the modern solution to the age-old problem!

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