Euro Guard products have a minimum life of 25 years.

Euro Guard gutters and fittings are made to withstand snow. Product has been tested in extreme low temperatures with snow fall.

If you are a building material dealer, you could be Euro Guard dealer after appointment with our marketing team. Call 1800 833 6675 for details.

Euro Guard Products will have the marking of brand name and logo in it. Fittings will be embossed with Euro Guard brand name and logo. Gutter will have a sticker and laser print with Euro Guard logo.

Yes. 320 MM or 12-inch gutter is generally used as valley gutter for industrial purposes.

Gutters are available in 3 sizes.
  • 160 MM or 6 inches
  • 200 MM or 8 inches
  • 320 MM or 12 inches

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