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Euro Guardeuro-guard | 01 March 2022

Why rainwater harvesting is crucial for our future?

Even in places like Kerala with heavy rainfall, a normal water scarcity transforms into a full-fledged drought more frequently than you may imagine. You’re now stranded without enough water to maintain your landscaping and protect your plants. You are watering your plants sparsely or illegally if so. That’s risky, self-serving, and (more practically) sets you up to pay a lot of money in fines. But what if you prepared ahead of time? Rainwater harvesting especially by the means of PVC rainwater harvesting pipes and systems in states like Kerala with heavy rainfall but summer water scarcity allows you to save water for periods when normal irrigation is not possible due to water limitations. Once installed, PVC rainwater gutters are easy to maintain and may save money by helping maintain lawns during both rains and drought while also offering a neat design.

Rainwater Harvesting for Irrigation

It’s no surprise that homeowners with large or water-intensive landscaping use far more water than an ordinary person. If you take into account, up to 40% of the water consumed in an average residential irrigated neighbourhood is used for outdoor purposes. To only take care of your plants and landscaping, that’s a lot of water you are spending. Evaporation and other factors cause a lot of it to be squandered too.

Collecting Rainwater for Irrigation

You’re living in a state with longer monsoons than most of the other regions in the country, so why not take advantage of it? Rainwater can be collected by the means of PVC rainwater gutters and used for indoor plumbing (think bathroom usage and laundry). However, it is most commonly used to supply necessary water for irrigation. If you’re on the lookout for a good quality PVC rainwater system you can rely on, why not go for the Euro Guard Hysquare PVC rainwater gutter that comes with a seal of trust you can rely on.

Rainwater Capture Usage

Rainwater can be utilised for the below purposes:

Water for storage

Storage containers that are located above ground can be used for which water can be collected using high-quality uPVC pipes and drainage systems. Tanks that have been buried (or hidden) can also be used.

Water for irrigation

Pipes can collect to a tank or canister that stores water for timely irrigation of land or gardens surrounding the house. Given that the pipes are well arranged and the tank regularly cleaned, there’s no need for processing the water at all.

Water for indoor usage

Harvested water can also be used for other purposes like cleaning, laundry, bathroom flushing etc wherein recycling is feasible. It can also be used to clean cars and garages too.

How about the purification of rainwater for drinkability?

Have a need for more volume of water or wish to purify rainwater for drinking? Aside from the challenges related with your local municipality’s rules, your roof will be the primary collection source. You’ll also want to add some rainwater capture and storage components to your system. 

This can be collected in a tank that features a layer by layer purification system which then can go to a water outlet. If used for drinking purposes, water has to be rigorously filtered, pH tested and later boiled to ensure proper hygiene and quality.

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