What Makes Us Different


Patented Design – Upholds beauty, finish and strength. Sits tight to the roof and blends in perfectly.

Odd looking gutter system.

Makeshift corrugated design which doesn’t sit tight to the structure of the roof. Looks bulged from the roof.

uPVC rainwater gutters are available in sizes 160 MM (equals 220 MM of corrugated, 200 MM of round gutter capacity) and 200 MM in width (Unmatched capacity of 30 litres per meter) carries 50% more water than the second products.

Available from 160 MM- 250 MM. Has an issue with wall thickness and capacity. Often complaints with overflow and spillage of water.

Sizes 160 MM (practically inapplicable to Indian weather condition), 220 MM (Make shift 8 inch which carries only the same water as 6 inches of Euro Guard.) and 320 MM (which carries the same as 200 MM sized Euro Guard gutters)

Easy to install – No separate left/right fittings required, locking fittings (invented by Euro Guard). uPVC clamps matching the colour of gutters. Adjustable clamps to adjust slope after fixation. No leakage/spillage because of the design of fittings and gutter.

Comparatively easy to install. But cannot get a perfect uniform structure because of the lack of wall thickness and shape. Also, cannot prevent leakages/ spillages. Usage is limited to drainage but with issues.

Toughest to install- One side is different than the other, hence different Left/ Right fittings is required. Very complicated during installation and tough to get the left, right fittings because of its Chinese make. Also, often issues with leakage as well as mosquito growth because inside locks of fittings are horribly designed and water always gets stuck inside.

Imagined and Made in India. Designed and made to perfection in India for the first time from the company with highest experience in rainwater gutter manufacturing in the country. Also has the highest installed capacity for PVC rainwater gutter manufacturing. Constantly upgrades the product to satisfy all types of guttering requirements.

Also made for the first time in India by Euro Guard in the early 2000s and also introduced in colours for the first time in the country to match the roofing in 2009 but later on discontinued because of the shortcomings of the system. Still available in the market through small scale industries.

Copied and altered design of Euro Guard after years of launch and success just eyeing the market share by confusing the customers with lookalike products and inferior quality products. Corrugated gutters are rebranded after importing them from China.

Best Dealer Network and After Sales. Highest dealers for a guttering system throughout India. Hence, easy to get help regarding any of the requirements. It is easy-to-get the company’s attention because of the well-connected system.

Unbranded products and hence no guarantee. Often used for light purposes.

Limited dealer network because of the complicated left/ right stocking and product complaints from customers. Also, vague warranty was offered recently to cover up the product complaints. Warranty claims complaints are never encouraged and seldom is a settlement made.

Available in colours matching your roof. Euro Guard was the first company to launch semi-circular gutters in colour in the country. Through thorough R&D, the latest gutter system comes in all the popular colours matching your roof withstanding tough weather conditions. Classic pearl white colour of Euro Guard gutter is the most attractive colour in any gutter system.

Currently available in multiple colours. But white colour is slightly greyish like PVC pipe colour. Also, Colours fade away quickly since it is made from recycled and cheaper plastics.

Available only in white and grey. White colour is transparent and shows water and debris lying inside. Also, the colour of the fittings and gutter are different because of the cheaper PP material used.

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Become a Dealer: Euro Guard is the first and No.1 uPVC Rainwater Roof Gutter manufacturing company in the country. We have the largest manufacturing plant in the country with higher market share than all other gutter manufacturing companies combined. We also have the highest sales growth rate. We believe in our dealer’s growth along with us. We provide all the support you’ll need as a dealer.

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