Euro Guard HysquareCORNER/ELBOW 90

CORNER/ELBOW 90 fitting is used to turn the direction of the gutter in 90 degree.  Lines running through the edges ensures strength along with aesthetics. It locks the gutter inside the clip which prevents the edges from flipping out. Available in multiple colors to match your gutter color. Use self-screws to fix the gutter. Use silicone sealant inside the slot first and then slide the gutter inside it. Solvent cement is not required.

Width: 160 MM

Depth : 100 MM

Length : 95 MM EACH SIDE

Thickness: 3 MM (4 Kg/cm2 Gauge), Added rib for extra strength

Material : UPVC (Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride)

Colors: Milky White, Brick Red, Blue, Dark Grey, Coffee Brown

Installation : Silicone inside slot and screw in slot to gutter

Minimum life: 25 years

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About Hysquare uPVC Rainwater Gutter System

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When I was constructing my house, a rainwater gutter that blends with the elevation of my house was not available.
Later i learned about Euroguard uPVC rainwater gutter. After fitting it I noticed significant aesthetic uplift to the elevation of the roof .Since the system has higher thickness, the gutter has higher strength.I also noticed that EuroGuard has higher water carrying capacity than conventional gutter systems. Since the clamps are made of uPVC material, it won’t get rusted. Also, it looks better since the clamps also matches the color of the gutter system .
Since the downtake pipes are square in shape, it’ll sit tight to the walls. To prevent debris and leaves from trees falling inside the gutter, a product called leaf guard was provided.
Since the bigger sized 8 inch gutter has same design as 6 inch, i installed the 8 inch gutter in my house where higher collection of water was required.
I’m happy with the EuroGuard product installed at my house.

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Indian Film Director

I was concerned about the bad impact a regular gutter could do to the looks of my newly constructed villa. I even thought of not installing a gutter.

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Aravind Harikumar
Villa Owner/Customer

I’ve worked with different type of gutters available in the market. But Euro Guard gutters are so easy to work with as well as aesthetically beautiful.

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Failsal P T
Works contractor/Fabricator
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